24 Jul 2015

5 current approaches to SEO – Search Engine tips

Need to ensure a stable flow of

24 Jul 2015

Need to ensure a stable flow of customers from search engines such Google, Bing etc? What are the best ways of search engine promotion? How to eliminate the risk of non-return of your investment? We will provide you some advice to those who use SEO to promote their own business.

1. SEO – a modest part of the marketing strategy

Nowadays, the search engine optimization as a separate service is an almost lost relevance. And it is not even because the growth of positions in the search results does not guarantee the increase in the number of orders from your site. Now search engine promotion is becoming less and less effective if used in isolation from other advertising methods and without the work on improving the site as a whole. For sure we can’t talks about the total dependence of SEO results because the efforts in other areas of internet marketing. But for projects with serious ambitions of working in a competitive environment, an integrated approach becomes a prerequisite for: search engine optimization can be an effective tool only as a component of a complex Internet marketing services.

2. SEO is not the promotion! SEO -is the optimization!

Proper SEO should benefit everyone: the project, the search engine, and the most important – the people who are looking for the answers to their questions.

The task of any search engine – to find the best response to the user’s search query. The job of the promotion – to show the users of a customer site the maximum possible number of targeted requests. There can be two ways of solving the problem of website promotion:

To make the search engine to consider a website as the best response to customer inquiries;
To create projects that will be truly best for the visitors.

The second way is more complex, it requires a lot of cost and time, but that is what we choose. Because cheating search engines – is a temporary phenomenon, and is unreliable. At any time, the algorithms change the next project and may deprive a large part of search traffic, and even call into question the profitability of the business.

One can create a successful project, which is steadily gaining customers from the search engines, only working on a really popular resource. For resources that do not depend on changes in search engine algorithms, it is necessary to strive for leadership in the first place is not in the positions in the search, and in matters of visitor satisfaction service.
3. Long-term investment in the project

Website promotion can be used as a service exclusively strategic character. The correct approach to the work of the SEO – is a long-term business investment.

Advertising search starts to lead customers to the site at the same time with the launch of an advertising campaign and involves a fast return on initial investment. The promotion of the site is necessary to invest on a regular basis. In most cases, a significant wait for the result of the work is necessary for a long time. And a longer period is required for return on investment aimed at SEO. But when the work to promote the site brings the result, this channel attracts customers, in many cases and becomes the most massive, cheap and, as a result, effective. This property makes the service of search engine promotion sites so popular and in demand among customers, often forcing to forget about the possible risks and restrictions associated with this kind of advertising.

4. Proper assessment of opportunities and risks

Service Website promotion has limitations on the use and, consequently, the risk of default on investment (in the case of ignoring these restrictions). Not in all cases, even successfully carried out work can promote the site and achieve positions capable of providing the customer a steady stream of customers from the search engines. Either the same stream of customers can create a much less expensive way than SEO.

In such a situation, we expect a further stage of conclusion of the contract with the client. And one refuses to promote the site of the customer, if one foresees them ineffective. Our goal – customer satisfaction, and gain experience of successful cooperation. Knowing that the work will not bring the result to the client, we do not see any sense to undertake its implementation.

5. Understanding the target

The objectives of work on Website promotion must always coincide with the general objectives of the project, with the tasks for which it was created. For example, if the goal is to sell, the SEO should be designed to ensure sales, rather than the achievement of certain positions in search engines and increase traffic. It must be remembered that this is only the tools for solving the problem, but not the main goal. Unfortunately, often in the process of achieving it is a substitution of concepts, which adversely affects the final result. For maximum effectiveness, SEO is important to remember about the final order in all phases of the operations.

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