05 Feb 2015

15 Ways to bring new visitors to your web-site

Building a new web-site is just a

05 Feb 2015

Building a new web-site is just a half way of online customer acquisition. The next step is how you need to bring new visitors to your website.

1. SEO promotion

It will be your main channel or organic user acquisition. The topic is too wide to be talked about in a couple of lines, so let’s just say it is a MUST have for any commercial company. It has to be optimized on monthly bases.

2. Company Blog:

Company Blog is a powerful and almost free tool that is able to attract long-term customers. The main thing is to remember in the blog, that it is important not to write your company’s news and interesting facts from the life of employees. Answer the questions that arise from users about benefits of your goods and then the potential buyer will come to you.

3. Banner Advertising

Today there are a big number of advertisement networks, which can generate highly targeted traffic for you. With the right approach it is a fairly effective method of advertising.

4. Creation of thematic portals

Create a thematic portal (you can create an additional blog or a forum), where potential customers will hang out.

5. Free Classifieds Ads/Business Listing

Highly underrated tool, each post usually collects 200 – 800 views This is a free and very easy to set up tool, and a sin not to use.

It is a massive SEO tool to boost traffic and to create back links on website home. These sites boost direct traffic on website.

6. Social. networks – create groups in an all popular social networks and repost there all the records from your blog. This method will not only speed up indexing by search engines, but also will generate traffic.

7. Advertising in the Social Media groups – You can find multiple groups in the social network, who will to repost your news.  ( For pretty low cost you can reach groups of 50 000 – 200 000 subscribers )

9. E-mail Campaigns – also a very popular method to find new customers and reengage old ones.

10. Webinar – just a perfect tool to attract people.

11. Press releases – good way to create back-links in a completely legal way, do not miss your chance.

12. Placement in directories and catalogs – Directory submission is a  great way to index a website. It is also the best way to achieve one way back link.

13. Communication on the forum – find a thematic forum and start it from the perspective of an expert. In every reply indicate a link to your website and a brief description of the service. People will see that you are competent in their field and go to your site already being loyal to your company.

14. Articles in the forum, guest blogging – this will make interesting and high-quality articles and post them on the discussion forums and blogs. Do not do advertisement paper but use a really useful post. You will see results when you will make the post about 2-3 in 8-10 resources.

15. Video on YouTube – this is a free and certainly powerful tool to attract people to your website. Make a video and try to adjust the description to get into the top searches on youtube by keyword search or to get in the recommended latest viral videos. Then you will collect a large amount of visitors during a long period of time.

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