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BDE Inc.

Creative strategic expertise in digital

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Our Vision


Businees Development Expertise Inc.


Our Vision: We like performing complex tasks and implementing our creative strategies.
It is of top importance for us to create advertising products of highest quality, organically adapting them to the modern digital communications.
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How we are doing it

Social Media

No magic in Social Media

We embrace technology based approach to social media. We use the latest analytical systems, that help to bring work in social media to the new level of quality.


Creative Strategic

Ideas full of sense

We enjoy a fresh point of view on categories and brands and have a business a business-oriented approach. We aim for distinctiveness, effectiveness, insight-based ideas and engagement.



Full service media agency

We apply an Individual approach. We multiply the result of creative and teams work. We use all and every digital media tool. We create media products according to clients’ demands.



What we do

Accounts Management

Accounts Management

We are making sure that your project is delivered perfect!

Strategic Creative

Strategic Creative

We are always following the insights to create the most effective ideas



We are enjoying to perform the most complex tasks

Social Media Department

Social Media Department

We are creating engagement and brand awareness using our technology-based approach



Please get in touch with us for additional information about our services.

Los Angeles

2029 Century Park East, Los Angeles, CA, 90067

You can reach us here

Email address:
Phone:  (310)- 489 0185


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